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FOX News
Jun 18, 2013 4:00pm PDT
that they are not getting what they deserve from the government of the world's sixth largest economy. shepard? >> shepard: steve, these nationwide protests are reportedly some of the biggest demonstrations since the end of brazil's dictatorship back in '85. the country's military regime lasted for more than two decades back then. during that time, violent clashes often broke out between protesters and police. really not sense. authorities in turkey have banned large gatherings all together after weeks of violent antigovernment protests in a key city. so it's come to this. one man trying a peaceful solo protest and there he is. the guy on the right in the white shirt, stood alone for many hours last night. at istanbul's taksim square. stood there and stared. stared aportrait founded turkey as a secular state 90 years ago. many claim turkey's current leaders are forcing islamic agenda on them as word of this standing guy got out. several others stood just like him in different parts of the country. turkish officials say they will take no action as long as these silent protests cause nobody any harm. here a
FOX News
Jun 19, 2013 4:00pm PDT
scaling back later in the year. if the economy continues to improve. peter barnes with the news live in washington. that's a stupid reaction, peter. >> well, shep, the feds said that it could be getting ready to scale back the easy money policies that wall street really likes. it's been using them for the last five years to help keep the economic recovery going after the great recession. and for starters, it said it could slow its controversial 2.5 trillion-dollar bond buying program known as quantitative easing. basically printing new money. qe has helped keep interest rates low foruto loans business ratings. the feds said it could start buying fewer bonds if the economy gets better and that unemployment rate keeps falling and then maybe it could stop qe all together next year if the rate gets close to 7%. >> the 7, 6.5, these are guide posts that tell you how we are going to be shifting the mix of our tools as we try to land is ship on a, you know, on a smooth -- in a smooth way into the -- unto the aircraft carrier. >> so just the idea that easy money could be ending soon, spooked
FOX News
Jun 20, 2013 4:00pm PDT
the rally and what is happening in china. it is the world's second largest economy. it is a fact and this sounds familiar for all of us in the united states, they have a shadow banking system there. just thinks of trillions of dollars of loans, that are shams built on a foundation of lies. the central bank has essentially created a liquidity crunch. it is hard to borrow money in china and that has investors worried about keeping growth in china is difficult. that's the reason you saw the selloff here in the united states. >> we reported on the volatileitty. it was the 10th day in the past month in which the dow moved more than 200 points in one session. prior to that it happen four times in one year. >> the bank and lenders and uncle sam were not the only players in the stock market collapse. bombshell e-mails reportedly she how two credit rating agency exchanged cash in green lights for risky practices that got us in this mess. it is a report in rolling stone magazine. they rate the credit of the big cooper rayings of the country and united states and anything that takes on debt
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3